Dong Zhuo Trailer Poem Translation 董卓: 全面战争:三国

A rough translation of Total War Three Kingdom's trailer 
of Dong Zhuo

The usurper Dong Zhuo conceived a foul design

To thrust the Emperor's home aside and wrong his line

With folded arms, all courtiers stood, save one

Only Lord Ding cried that wrong was done


Having essentially strong armed his way into the chaos ravaged imperial capital with his own army, Dong Zhuo saw that the city was in total chaos. All of the backstabbing factions has essentially bloodied themselves in a full display of violence. Many ministers have been killed by the plotting eunuchs, in turn the eunuchs are purged in the thousands by the vengeful generals. Worse yet, while the palace was strewn with corpses and blood of the dead still stained the columns, no one could find the 13 year old Emperor Shao and his 9 year old half brother Liu Xie- the empire that night was leaderless and at the brink of anarchy. This is precisely the moment Dong Zhuo showed up, right outside the gore drenched palace in Louyang with his massive army, and with both the teenage emperor and his half- brother in his hands as his hostages. 

Soon almost all of the ministers realized that Dong Zhuo was not here to save anything but instead wanting to rule through the emperor. However none dared to challenge the short tempered tyrant because of his reputation for extreme brutality. All save the lone minister Ding Guan 丁管 (Lord Ding) who flat out scolded Dong for his evil intention to usurp the house of Han. Dong Zhuo immediately ordered Ding Guan's execution, but Ding Guan didn't flinch even as he was pulled away and cursed Dong Zhuo all the way until he died. 

The cinematic portrays either the lead-up or the aftermath of this scene of defiance. Where- aside from a lightning flash of defiance against Dong Zhuo, all courtiers stood again, silent and docile with folded arms. Not only had Dong Zhuo take hostage of the teenage emperor, but he had taken the realm hostage as well. The trailer ends with Dong Zhuo and his new adopted son Lu Bu began their superstar tag team of evil and essentially plunging the empire into the chaos of the Three Kingdoms period (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖).


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Der said…
I think Dong Zhou has a blackened reputation. In this younger years he was known to be brave and honorable, being a loyal servant of the Han Dynasty putting down rebellions and fighting foreign enemies.

I guess power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Dragon's Armory said…
I believe this vid shares some of your arguments. 😉
萧炎 said…
Have you seen the Chinese movie ?
萧炎 said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
萧炎 said…
the wandering earth
Dragon's Armory said…
Not yet, but I am curious about it. Production values are high and it seems to have have pleased both audiences in China and the west, which is humorously difficult.
萧炎 said…
You should go see

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