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By the Mandate of Heaven: Part 1. The Mandate's War: 天命: 天命之战

Music : The Water Dragon In outrage they came, full of long- nurtured fury. On May 28th, 1059 BC, an assembly of the most dangerous men of the west gathered in conspiracy. That very night, Heaven spoke.  THE HEAVENLY DIE WAS CAST The year was 1059 BC, one century after the Homeric Trojan War, and one century before the Biblical King David's reign. In this part of China two hostile worlds were poised on a sword's edge, the culmination of almost a decade of blood-stained Cold War. On one side, it was the twilight of the great Shang dynasty- which had imposed resplendently for half a millennium across China's heartland, though its king did not know that both he and his ancient kingdom would soon be furiously swept away. On the other side of this divide was a family that had been grievously wronged, though they too, did not fully know that it was the time of their meteoric ascension.  But an answer did came to these mortal men, and it was d ramatic in the extreme: cosmically so

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