Tang Dynasty General 唐朝猛将

8th century Tang dynasty general with his mount. His horse is covered almost completely in lamellar barding (horse armor) the general is dressed in heavy mingguang armor, including distinctive chestplates. On his head sits a high Tang period helmet with prominent cheek guards- a feature that would be adopted by samurai armor design in the 11th and 12th centuries. For weapons he carries a recurved composite bow, a large arrow case slung at his side, and a straight slashing sword (Tang Dao, or "Tang sword") that would become the progenitors of the katana.

Chanfron and barding (horse armor) of a 4th-7th century Chinese cataphract, 
note the ostentatious plume Jisheng 寄生, lit. "parasite" on the horse's hip. 
By the 8th century, the Jisheng would have been phased out of use by
the Tang army.


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