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Hello folks! So, for those of you who have expressed interest in my artworks, I have recently converted several of my art pieces into iPhone cases, T-shirts, towels, and pillows, if you are interested in getting my artwork, check it out! 

Hongwu Emperor Iphone Case on Teespring.com 

So hi all 😄! I want you to know that your support has really meant a lot to me. Last year I was able to write 38 articles with your support, and this year I have wrote over 60 articles before the final quarters of 2018. I really plan to spend more time doing this, and find more opportunities to sit down and get the things I have been reading to you guys on a more consistent basis 🧐. Same goes for doing more Youtube videos, artworks and doing more commissioned concept art for you if you care to book it. 


😏 It would be a huge solid for me on a personal level as well since I am between jobs and have to balance churning out articles, buying new books for research, family, and doing new artworks. If you like my works and like to see more of it. Please think of supporting me on Patreon or book an artwork from me- as this great gesture would mean the world to me, because you are already the world to me at this moment. Thank you 🤗.

Thank you to my Patrons who has contributed $10 and above: 
You made this happen!

➢ ☯ Vincent Ho (FerrumFlos1st)
➢ ☯ BurenErdene Altankhuyag
➢ ☯ Stephen D Rynerson
➢ ☯ Steven Chan
➢ ☯ Michael Lam


How do I acquire one of these?
I might be missing something!
Dragon's Armory said…
Hey man, :D

If you click on the highlighted links, it will take you to Teespring.com where you can customize it and order it.

Like: [Tang Dynasty Cavalryman T-Shirt] and
[Smartphone Cases Variant 1]

Check it out!!!:)
YyyyyY said…
Do you ship to Malaysia?