Tang Adventuress 唐朝女侠

Cosplay by: 李焖饭
Photo by: 棠如初
Costume Made by: 谜阿凰
Music: Bright Moon Over the Sea

Tang dynasty adventuress exploring a quiet wintry temple in casual attire. She wears a silk Yuánlǐng Shān 圆领衫 lit. "Round Collar Robe" which were worn by most male of the era decorated with mythical Central Asian beast motifs. She also wears a Central Asian styled headband. The Tang dynasty was heavily influenced by Central Asian- namely Turkic cultures. 


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Der said…
T'ang fashions in this style remind me of Persian dress. Persianate culture and style was very widespread after the Seljuks conquered Persia. Even Persian style arms and armor was prevalent from Eastern Europe to China.
Dragon's Armory said…
China always had a back and forth with Persia since Han times, and the time China referred to them as Anxi which referred to the Arsacid / Parthian empire. This continued throughout silk road trading with the later Sassanian empire during China's era of division until Sui and Tang again whereby Sassanids fell. There's quite a number of Persian graves in Sui China and showed evidence of a large enclave living in Chang An.

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