Dashing King Li Zicheng 李自成- Commissioned Artwork for Sun Feiyang

Artwork commissioned by Sun Feiyang. Styled "闖王" or the "Dashing King" (simplified as: "闯王") The Charismatic Li Zicheng 李自成 rose from an outlaw rebel to lead a massive rebellion that toppled the terminally weakened Ming dynasty. However, Li's victory eventually allowed the Manchus to overrun China Proper.
Li Zicheng was affectionately known by his followers as "闖王" or the "Dashing King" (simplified as: "闯王") Incidentally "闖" or "Dashing" is composed of a "馬" or a horse rushing through a "門" gate. Although Li Zicheng's populist uprising was eventually able to overthrow the Ming regime when he took Beijing, his brief victory- before he was immediately defeated by the Manchus. His reign had been as evanescent as a wild horse passing through a gate.



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Li Zicheng rebelled against a corrupt and dying Ming government, but all he managed to do after he toppled the Ming was paving the way for the Manchus to break into China.