Gorgeous Chinese Armor Study by Shuai Zhang

Song, Yuan, or early Ming infantryman encased in lamellar armor but wears his rough shifts 
over the armor. To protect against elements of the weather he wore a hide 
cloak over his shoulders and dons a hat made of straw or rattan.

I think at this point I should tell you all that I have been a huge fan of Mr. Shuai Zhang's work. I feel each of the artwork he produces is not only exquisitely detailed but very immersive as well. All that was old comes to life in his dedicated renderings- such that each was like a snapshot from the ages past. If you don't know me yet, know that seeing the way armors overlap and deform over the flesh, seeing how light reflects upon them, seeing a warrior whose name, whose era I know of stand there completely in his element make me want to tell you everything about all of it. 
The past lives in his artworks.

So please check out the gorgeous works by Mr. Shuai Zhang, check out his Artstation.


golden said…

what movie is this image from?
Old Beast said…
It's not from a movie, I believe Shuai usually draws them as he imagines them, the face was probably modeled from a stock photo, maybe a National Geographics photo, the armor and the armor details are his own additions.

Hope this helps.