Elaborate and rare "Kesi" imperial armor.

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An elaborate and extremely rare "Kesi" imperial suit of parade armor. Qing Dynasty, Qianlong period.

The high quality of the present suit and the use of kesi to cover the metal plates strongly suggest an imperial association for this piece, in this case with the Qianlong Emperor. No comparable suit of armour appears to have been offered at auction so far.

Imperial armour suits made in the complicated kesi (cut silk) technique, are extremely rare, although a very similar kesi semi-formal robe can be found in the Palace Museum, Beijing, and is illustrated in The Complete Collection of Treasures of the Palace Museum: Costumes and Assessories of the Qing Court, Hong Kong, 2005, pl. 40.

Interior of another Qing Brigandine, most of the Qing Brigandines are
made with interlaced steel plates meshed between silk and gambeson. 
and served as an ideal, flexible cavalry armor

Another suit of Kesi Armor, unraveled and exposing the studded fabric armor~ their construction is comprable to the "Coat of Thousand Nails" armor- or chilta hazar masha found in Mughal India and Persia.