Deeply Grateful: 万谢大家 ♢ баярлалаа ♢ 모두에게 감사드립니다 ♢ cảm ơn mọi người ♢

Recently I have received a tremendous amount of support on Patreon and I would like to say a few words and express my utmost gratitude. I want to reach out to each of you and say just how much you and your support meant for me. Beneath will be several customized badges I have designed for each of my Patrons who had donated $10 or more, arranged so the top contributors top. It had been an extremely trying year with much private heartaches and challenges, but you have showed me that- I am thankfully not alone (despite my cabin fever,) and that there is meaning (and goodness) in what I do. You are my heroes.

➢ 😀 Vincent Ho (FerrumFlos1st)
I would like to first personally thank Mr. Vincent Ho (FerrumFlos1st), who not only began to support me as a Patron right after he recently found a job but also booked an illustration commission from me: I am happy to report that I am currently finishing up a piece of art about the Hongwu Emperor of Ming dynasty. So Vincent, thank you for all your help in person from me. I am humbled by your faith and support and I am honored to work for you.

➢ 😀 José Luis Fernández-Blanco
I would also acknowledge the steady support provided by Mr. José Luis Fernández-Blanco, I had the privileged of talking with you and I must say I am deeply moved by your academic curiosity and your support in my endeavors. Your generosity astounded me over the months, and I will be happy to do a piece on Empress Wu in the coming weeks and months. It will be of quality, and will be something that will make the internet richer for those who wanted to see a bit of the past coming to life. Stay curious my friend, and I am still so glad that fate made you aware of my work.

➢ 😀 BurenErdene Altankhuyag
To my new friend and long time hero, BurenErdene Altankhuyag, thank you for your fascination with my work both on ArtStation and on this site. The great Khans and armored horsemen lives in your art, and with your support I feel I can experience the wild and free steppes in your storytelling. My God its a great feeling that someone I already respect respect me as well! I hope Dragon's Armory serves you well in your research and references. Please PM me if you need anything that I can help with. баяртай!

➢ 😀 Stephen D Rynerson
When Mr. Rynerson began to support me over a year ago I was astounded by the great confidence he showed for my work. It was a make-or-break moment for the site and he was one of the absolute first angel investors I had. I want you to know I have always been an eager student~ and to find an academician supporting me is a distinct honor and pleasure. Thank you for both liking my work here and like my work in the forums. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, if you require anything of me please PM me. I am lucky to have you.

➢ 😀 Michael Lam
I distinctively remember the energy and the exuberance of Michael and I think we share a vision and the same hope for the future. I remember you were very excited that there is a repository for good artwork and information about ancient China- well, I hope my humble place is good enough to retain your attention. ;D I can only say that there will definitely be more to retain your curiosity in the coming months, stay curious my friend. Just wait until Three Kingdom Total War comes out!

➢ 😀 SRS (Mr. U)
Mr. U was perhaps my first angel investor along with Mr. Rynerson, and to this day I am deeply grateful that- well, I could worth anyone's time with my silly blog, perhaps this is why I saved him for last. Thank you, sir, thank you for backing me throughout the year and I hope I have not let you down. Last year alone I have wrote over 40 articles and painted over 30 pieces of concept art on ArtStation, I have ran into challenges but the workload and quality only increased. I hope you enjoyed my piece on Lady Red Jade and Ming gunners, of the Iron Pagodas and 9 Gates of Beijing and Northern and Southern Dynasties, of my many artworks and their snippets of trivia. I hope to make you proud sir, I still am.

☯ Thank you for making this possible 
You have all made it much easier, and I hope you can see that I value you as an inextricable part of the Armory as well. 
I hope you liked your new badges :) 
Thank you all. 


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