Chinese Armor for Soldiers 古甲

Amazing series from Romance of the Three Kingdoms series. I have posted some amazing works by the incomprable Tsuyoshi Nagano before, but the details in these are absolutely gorgeous. Even if you are not a fan of the specific type of game ROTK series, its still worthwhile to check out most of these for the authenticity of the armors presented.

In accordance of the depictions for most game set during the Three Kingdom era, these armor do not actually reflect the Later Han- Three Kingdom era, which is contemporary of the Roman Empire, but are more reflexive of the "classical" iteration of armor in China from Tang dynasty to the early Ming dynasty, roughly corresponding to the fall of the Roman Empire, medieval, and early Renaissance (450- 1400s).

In contrast to the lamellar plate and mountain scale armor of the generals, the rank and file soldiers usually are armored with scale cuirass and segmented plate surcoats.