Classic Chinese Armors 古甲

Ming armor, segmented arm guards with scaled coat. Much of Ming cavalry wore such armaments.

Song, Ming scale armor, medium armor but weighed enough to be considered heavy armor. The Song courtiers and royal family was known to wear crimson robes.

Song, Ming heavy armor, lamellar and composite cuirass.

Song, Ming, Qing Taoist "sorcerer's" robe, some of the camp adjutants would dress like this.

Song, Ming light lamellar armor for women, the wives and daughters of the generals sometimes followed their husbands on long campaigns, there are various depiction from Song to Qing dynasty that portrayed the general's wives and their maids practicing martial art with unbound feet. The Manchu women of the Qing dynasty all does not have bound feet.

Heavy Yuan, Jin, Song armor, lamellar with mirrored plates for the chest. Carries a Wolf's tooth great "mace."

Light armor, scale and leather construction. Song, Ming dynasties.

Heavy Song armor, very heavy construction, lamellar and composite plates.

Song armor, heavy lamellar with composite cuirass.

Song, Ming scale armor with composite cuirass with a slashed silk robe. Typically scholarly warriors are depicted this way.

Yuan, Jin, Ming armor, likely heavy cavalry. Scale and lamellar composite armor. Carries a commander's pennant.

Ming armor, with segmented arm plates and heavy composite lamellar armor underneath the cape.

Song, Ming dynasty lamellar armor with cape.


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