Guan Yu Armor 关羽铠

Perhaps the most iconic warrior from Chinese culture, Guan_Yu was a faithful lieutenant of the great warlord Lui Bei during the Three Kingdoms period. From his green robe to his long beard, his red complexion and his great Guan Dao (which derived its name from him.) Guan Yu is revered as an honorable warrior throughout Asia.

This is also an opportunity for me to introduce the fabulous toys done by Inflames Toys, The Soul of China featuring Guan Yu in full mountain scale armor and various accessories.


Unknown said…
I like how they used the face of the actor in the 1994 tv series
Chaoticawesome1 said…
Tell you the truth he was my favorite, whatever the actor's name my family and I all thought he was the right guy to play the part. Quite wonderful he was able to exude both a sense of heavy dutifulness and fierce confidence

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